1 tree dedicated to a precious teacher!

Inessa Slavski, our new regional coordinator for Germany, tells us a story about her daughter, Diana Shapiro.

Diana has offered a Bodhi tree to her Sanskrit teacher from Russia, as a celebration of his birthday.

Diana is 11 years old. She has been studying Sanskrit with her teacher, Marcis Gasuns, for two years. She hopes she can visit her teacher in person, someday. For now, that is not possible. So, instead, Diana sowed a tree seed.Β  She offered the sprout to her teacher, Marcis.

Diana was guided by the sincere motivation to continue to learn Sanskrit. Moreover, she wishes her teacher a long, healthy life, so that he can continue to bring light into the hearts of his students.

“May this tree make my teacher happy and inspire him every day”, Diana says! “Especially on days when students do not do their homework.”

Inessa and Diana showed their gratitude towards the eight people involved in transporting this Bodhi tree to its current place in Russia where it was planted.

Thank you so much for this lovely story! We hope young Diana inspires others to germinate and plant their tree sprouts!


Who:Diana Shapiro & Marcis Gasuns
Why:Diana offered this sprout with the sincerest motivation to continue learning Sanskrit. Diana wishes her teacher a long, healthy life so that he can continue to bring light into the hearts of his students.
Where:Obninsk, Russia
When:August 13, 2022
What kind of Trees:Bodhi tree
How many:1


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