35 trees planted in name of World Youth Day Lisbon 2023

On November 30, the Municipality of Loures, Portugal, received 35 young trees, as a symbolic celebration of the Portuguese Native Forest Day (November 23).

This tree-planting action was made possible by Loures Municipality officers. A group of around 15 Municipality workers and 10 volunteers came together to plant these trees in the public park of Cabeço de Montachique.

These volunteers are working with Fundação JMJ Lisboa 2023, a partner of the Global Tree Initiative.

Despite the rain, all trees were planted and will now be cared for by the park’s forestry team.

The team dedicated the trees to WYD (World Youth Day) Lisbon 2023, and to every person who is committed to making this event a sustainable one.

One of the core principles informing the WYD organizing committee is the care for our common home – planet Earth. Within this committee, there is a team solely dedicated to raising environmental awareness and working towards the most ecologically conscious WYD ever!

The Global Tree Initiative’s project specialist, Kika Gusmão, is also a volunteer with the WYD Lisbon 2023. She shares that “planting a tree is much more than the physical act of putting a plant in the ground. When we plant trees consciously and responsibly we are taking care of the planet for all those who need it, today and in the future.”

Fundação JMJ Lisboa 2023 is eager to promote tree-planting activities both in Portugal and abroad, an effort intended to give the WYD a positive and long-lasting impact!

Stay tuned! The WYD committee and its friends around the world continue to plant and dedicate theirs trees on the global map!


Who:Câmara Municipal de Loures & Fundação JMJ Lisboa 2023
Why:These trees are dedicated to WYD Lisbon 2023 (JMJ Lisboa 2023), and to every person who is committed to making this event a sustainable one.
Where:Loures, Portugal
When:November 30, 2022
What kind of Trees:20 strawberry trees (Arbutus unedo) & 15 kermes oaks (Quercus coccifera)
How many:
35 trees


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