50 Mango saplings planted in India!

Mr. Priye Dwyer from Gaya, India, shares his inspiring tree-planting story with us.

Mr. Dwyer and his projects (such as the YMCA, Rotary club, and more) have planted many trees over the years. Recently, the Dwyer Foundation’s SAVE program (Salvage And Value Environment) offered the youth of the Ilrah village the joyful experience of planting trees. Together, they planted 50
mango saplings!

As seen in the photos, the youth did not only get their hands dirty by planting. They also built protective wooden fences around the trees. In this way, the tree-planting exercise was both a fun activity and a practical learning experience. Now they will nurture and protect the trees. Later, they will enjoy the tasty mangoes together, as a community!

Planting trees is just one of the inspirational projects of the Dwyer
Foundation. Other projects include a neighborhood school, supplying the local villages with drinking water, sewing classes for young women, medical support, and more.

Reach out to Mr. Dwyer. Learn how you can get involved and support his tree-planting activity and other projects:

Remember to visit the Dwyer Foundation’s website, which will be ready soon: www.dwyerfoundation.com

Thank you for motivating us, Mr. Priye Dwyer! Thank you for joining our One Universal tree-planting Family!

Are you in India and want to plant trees too?
Reach out to our Indian coordinators:

Mrinalini Nigde:Β 

Dipen Mehta:


Who:The Dwyer Foundation
Why:The Dwyer Foundation supported under it’s”SAVE’ (Salvage And Value Environment) programme, plantation of mango saplings by youth at Ilrah village, Bodhgaya
Where:Bodh Gaya, India
When:October 29, 2021
What kind of Trees:Mango Saplings
How many:50

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