A big THANK YOU to Hermann Wittekopf!

Hermann, our dedicated volunteer from Germany, has been one of the supporting pillars of the Global Tree Initiative (GTI) since early 2020. In the early stages of the GTI, Hermann developed our website and branding. He also posted many of the informative articles we enjoy reading on Facebook and translated the German pages of our website.

Hermann recalls how he became part of the Global Tree Initiative team: “For me, it started in February 2020, when Ven. Sherap asked me to join the Global Tree Initiative as a web designer. It sounded like, ‘let’s just do a small website’. According to our demands, I created a one-pager. A single page with different sections.”

This was soon to change!

“We learned that we needed more. More of everything!” Hermann says.

Hermann took care of urgent matters, such as data collection, brand development, community building, and volunteer acquisitions. With his emphasis on the website and brand development, Hermann designed business cards, business letters, flyers, and website graphics and content. At some point, Hermann’s availability became limited, and the website was taken over by our current web designer, Arnoud. Hermann continued with the social media pages and branding.

Starting September, Hermann paused from his volunteer duties. He will join us again after a 6-month break.

Thank you for your incredible dedication and commitment, Hermann! We are inspired by you and we appreciate you very much. We are looking forward to having you back on our team again.
Please enjoy your well-deserved break but do not forget us!

Are you inspired by Hermann’s story?
Join our team!

Send your volunteer application: hello@plantgrowsave.org
Or visit our website: https://plantgrowsave.org/about-us/careers/


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