A gift that keeps on giving

Benjamin Henry from France inspires us!

Being concerned about the planet and global warming, Benjamin planted two fruit trees for his mother, as a Christmas gift.

He also dedicated his trees to the Dalai Lama and to the planet.

Thank you for being an inspiration to us, Benjamin! Thank you for expressing your concern for Mother Earth by offering her two fruit trees . They will benefit our One Universal Family, as well as the future generations to come!

Did you know that Benjamin’s mother, Marie Henry, is one of our French regional coordinators?

Get in touch withย Marie, orย Emma, our two French coordinators, if you are in France and want to plant or dedicate your trees.

Do you also want to offer a tree (or trees) to a loved one, but cannot plant a tree yourself?

Ourย tree-planting partnersย are here to help you plant and dedicate your trees!


Who:Benjamin Henry

For the long life of His Holiness and the fulfillment of all his wishes, for the planet, to fight against climate change.


Where:Marzens, France
When:December 11, 2021
What kind of Trees:Fruit trees
How many:2


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