“A great day of community connection, laughter, and joy – all for a good cause!”

In June 2021 the community at Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity came together to plant 175 native trees on the retreat land!

Jennifer Coyne, our Regional Coordinator in New Zealand, helped to coordinate the tree-planting day. 

Despite the thunderstorm forecast for the day, they decided to proceed with the project. On Saturday morning, 20 volunteers from the community came together – in the rain – and they started to plant the trees. The local project coordinator of Colville Harbour Care supplied the trees and showed them how to plant them. After one hour of planting in the rain, miraculously, the sun came out and shined on them for the rest of the day!

 Jennifer shares that “It was a great day of community connection, laughter, and joy – all for a good cause!”

 Thank you so much, Jennifer and the Mahamudra Centre team for making this happen!

Get in contact with Jennifer Coyne and start a tree-planting project in New Zealand: Jennifer@plantgrowsave.org

See more about the Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity here: https://mahamudra.org.nz/

Please enjoy the inspiring video of their tree planting day! 


Who:Mahamudra Community
Why:We planted these trees for the environment and all sentient beings who share it, and for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Where:Colville, New Zealand
When:June 19, 2021
What kind of Trees:50 cabbage trees, 80 manuka, 10 karo, 10 taupata, 3 hebe, 5 karamu, 8 akeake , 10 flax (All New Zealand Native Trees)
How many:175


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