A letter from the outgoing global director, Jacie Keeley

Dear GTI friends and community,

I am incredibly proud to be part of the beginning of the Global Tree Initiative. It has been life-changing, to say the least. Every single person who I have interacted with over the past three years has touched my heart. Thank you for believing in us, for believing in each other, and most of all – for believing in me! I am looking forward to what this next season will bring to the Global Tree Initiative.

I am excited to announce Hans Timpner as the new global director of the Global Tree Initiative. Over the years that I have known Hans, I am proud to call him not just a colleague, but a friend.

I first met Hans through a spiritual-ecological retreat (HACC)* in the summer of 2019, led by Tenzin Osel Hita. I quickly learned that Hans finds joy in inspiring others to join in service. Hans himself has made a life of service, specifically serving others in the hospitality industry. Hans managed hotels across Aruba for more than 30 years.

Hans is well known for his warm heart and contagious positivity. He was inspired by the mission and the impact of the Global Tree Initiative. He has been an active, reliable, and charismatic force since the early days of the GTI WhatsApp group. As the community matured, he eagerly stepped up to be the GTI Regional Coordinator in Aruba. In addition to the Global Tree Initiative, Hans also became the Maha Space Coordinator, another Universal Clear Light initiative.

Please, join me in extending a warm welcome to Hans!

*Habit Alignment Concept Course (HACC) is the signature program of Osel. More such courses are in the planning for the future.
**Hans’ appointment as the new GTI Global Director was unanimously approved by the Universal Clear Light Board on September 13, 2022. He has been transitioning into his position since then. On September 19, Jacie will hand over the reins of the GTI to Hans. Jacie will remain a consultant with the GTI until the end of October.

Please share this. Thank you!


  1. Jennifer Troyan

    Congrats Hans!
    Jacie, the best to you in your retirement. You will be missed and have been a great leader.

  2. Felicity

    Thank you for everything you’ve done for GTI, Jacie! Welcome, Hans!

  3. Ven Tenzin Desal

    Happy Retirement Jacie!
    Wishing you all blessings and happiness.

  4. Stuart Eddy

    Well done Jacie ,” proper job” as we say in Cornwall UK,best wishes to you 😀👍

  5. Defresne

    Merci de tout coeur pour tout le bon coeur qui habite chacun d’entre vous :
    Jacie est pour nous un phare, qui peut maintenant prendre un peu de repos bien mérité !
    Hans, devient maintenant notre guide dans cette construction d’énergie tournée vers l’avenir, bienvenue dans cette famille mondiale unie autour des arbres
    Merci à vous deux de tout coeur

  6. Laura Fudge

    Welcome Hans!

    Happy Retirement Jacie!

    With lots and lots of love

    And very best wishes for the success of all your projects

    Past, present and future..

  7. Marie

    Thank you very much dear Jacie. May your life be long, healthy and happy!
    Lot of thanks to Hans.


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