A retired police officer shares his passion for planting and growing trees

Ashish was researching how to plant trees in his home city of Patna India. Within five days of investigating Ashish bumped into Ram Nath, who is a retired police officer and has a passion for planting and growing trees. When Ashish showed Ram Nath the Global Tree Initiative project, he offered Ashish and some of his friends the opportunity to plant 5 more trees in Patna. Ram Nath had previously planted 53 trees on his property and seemed to be delighted to share his wisdom with the children.

Global Tree Initiative supports a connected community and through our bonds and friendships may we help each other change the world one seed at a time.


Who:Ashish Tiwari
Why:May name is Ashish Tiwari, I had planted 6 trees in India with my friends. I like planting trees because they are very important for our Mother Earth.
Where:Patna, Bihar, India
When:March 24, 2021
What kind of Trees:2 Sheesham
2 Sagwan
2 Mango
How many:6 Trees


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