A wish fulfilled!

Annelies van der Heijden, our generous donor, and tree-planter, tells us about the trees she recently planted.

Together, with her friend, Annette, and brother Fons, they planted nineteen trees on the West Coast of Holland near the beach house of Annette.

Annelies tells us that, since the Global Tree Initiative started (November 2019), she had the wish to plant and dedicate trees. Now, her wish finally came true!

Thank you for your kindness and support! Thank you for planting your trees, Annelies!

We are so happy that you are an active member of our ONE UNIVERSAL FAMILY!

Have a look at our map. See if you can spot the trees Annelies planted.

Are your trees and dedications on the map, too?

If not, please share your trees and dedications with us.
Inspire others to do the same!


Who: Annelies, Annette, Fons
Why: Annette, Fons and Annelies dedicate for the long and stable lives of His Holiness, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and all our Mahayana Virtuous Teachers and Friends. May FPMT flourish and may we never be separated from it.
Where: Oostkapelle, Netherlands
When: January 2. 2022
What kind of Trees: 18 willow + one other type
How many: 19


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