An exciting update from our partner, the Medicine Buddha App!

The Medicine Buddha App is the world’s first Tibetan health and healing app. You can conveniently download it from our Global Tree Initiative (GTI) Marketplace!

Tenzin Metok, the founder of the Medicine Buddha App, passionately explains that the Medicine Buddha App offers more than just ‘medicine.’ It promotes wellness.

The Medicine Buddha App facilitates the mainstreaming of Tibetan medicine.
Presently there is a lack of awareness of Tibetan medicine outside the Himalayan region.
Those who use Tibetan medicine have been underserved since only in-person consultations have been available until the Medicine Buddha App.
Until now, there has been no efficient way to order Tibetan medicines or supplements.

The app connects you with vetted, English-speaking, Tibetan medicine doctors and other wellness practitioners. The app also allows you to order plant-based supplements.

With the Medicine Buddha App, you can connect with Tibetan healing experts such as:
– Tibetan medicine doctors
– Yoga teachers
– Mind training monks
– Psychotherapists

Make wellness your priority. Connect to a Tibetan healing expert in the convenience of your own home.

When you download the app through the GTI Marketplace, remember to use our partner discount code.

Enter “GTI” in the voucher code section.

Press redeem.

Enjoy ten percent off the consultation price.

Remember to share your experience with us!

Thank you, Tenzin Metok, for this opportunity to work together and promote wellness. Thank you for helping us access Tibetan medicine at our fingertips!

Please share this. Thank you!


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Congratulations, Beth! And thank you for joining us!

Beth is our South Island Global Tree Initiative (GTI) New Zealand coordinator and has been helping us around the Coromandel area. She has kindly taken the role of fundraising specialist for GTI.

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An interfaith community based on harmony and mutual respect

“All religions offer help to humanity. Especially when facing difficult situations, all religions offer hope. Therefore, we must respect all religions.”

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Chhaya Taralekar advocates for more sustainable and simpler ways of living, with composting as a cornerstone of her activities.

Emma Defresne meets Ösel Hita at Vajra Yogini Institute, France

Later that year, during the Summer of 2023, Emma met Ösel, our founder, in Vajra Yogini. Emma shares it was a “nice surprise”.

Upcoming tree-planting project happening at Tibetan Children’s Village, Ladakh

“It was very fortunate to have some very energetic and committed Tibetan students that had heard about the planting project of the Tibetan Children Village (TCV) in Leh Ladakh, inspired by the Dalai Lama during his last visit to Ladakh. The Dalai Lama wanted to see more green in the area, as the Dalai Lama’s commitment to the environment is well known.”

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