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Ask me (almost) anything, December 2023

Dec 18, 2023

This month, our blog article with Mark will be a bit different. Instead of Mark answering a question from our community, Mark is asking YOU to give him some answers!

A few months ago, during the European summer, one of our community members spotted the following:

Have a look at the bags at the bottom of the trees. Does this look familiar?

Here is a closer look at the bag:

This was spotted in Germany, and the exact purpose of these bags at the bottom of the trees was not clear. Upon closer investigation, one will also notice an additional layer of bamboo or sticks between the tree and the bag.

Our community member asked Mark to please help him understand the purpose of these bags, but Mark said that he had never seen these before!

Mark suggested that these bags may contain fertilizer, or that they are possibly moisture retention bags.

However, Mark shares that he is not up to date with the current trends in European horticulture, so he is happy to learn from our audience.

We are inviting our audience to please share their answers in the comment section below. Please tell us what these bags are used for, what the advantages of these bags are, and if they are useful, how we can implement such a system in our own homes and our own gardens.

Accordingly, we will do a follow-up article next month and share all your answers.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to learning about this, together!






Please share this. Thank you!


  1. Anrich Bester

    Hello Mark,

    I also think that the idea is to retain water, but I am not sure. I see this in Germany, but I have not noticed it anywhere else.

    Let’s see what our readers say!

  2. Kika Gusmao

    Hello, I have never noticed something like this around where I live.

    I am reading online these bags are called “tree watering bags”.

    “Tree watering bags are designed to be filled with a hose, and then slowly release that water directly into your tree’s roots. These bags wrap around the base of a tree and provide a slow and persistent water source that can be a handy way to get the right amount of water to the tree’s roots.”

    It says watering bags can be useful in areas where access to water is limited and, on the other hand, that they can give young trees a good head start. On the other hand, it also says these bags are not meant for long-term use and that they should be removed after one or two seasons.

    I wonder though, isn’t the tree stem more susceptible to molds and to rotting?

    Thank you for the article and the opportunity to learn.


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