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Ask me (almost) anything, January 2023

Jan 23, 2023

A reflection on 2022

This is our first “Ask me (almost) anything” blog for this year!

To kick off this year, we are sharing a message from Mark Allaway, our consultant behind this blog, and his partner, Jill Lancashire – both are our GTI Australia regional coordinators. Reflecting on the year 2022, Mark and Jill share the following:

We are proud that our Australian GTI community has personally embraced the core goals of global responsibility for climate, nature, and sentient beings. We are so pleased that individuals are making a difference in small ways for themselves, their children, and their natural environment. Every tree counts!

If the creatures could speak, we are sure they would be soooo grateful.

Two highlights for 2022 stand out.

1. Atisha Buddhist Centre at Bendigo Victoria joined the global-tree planting community by planting activities associated with their new Buddhist Stupa and gardens, under construction. They have contributed to GTI achieving more than 50 reports from our supporters at year-end!

2. Mark met up with his dear counterpart Coordinator from USA, Kat O’Lone, in Nepal and planted two shrubs at Kopan Monastery with our kind and generous GTI Benefactor, Venerable Robina Courtin! What an unbelievable blessing for all!

Heartfelt thanks to our planters for a great year. So now we have to exceed these milestones in 2023, and beyond, with your help and continued efforts!

Mark & Jill.

Thank you for your heartfelt message and for sharing these highlights, Mark and Jill! We appreciate hearing from you, and we look forward to the growth and accomplishments of GTI Australia in 2023.

Do you have a question for Mark? Submit your question in the comment section below, or send Mark an email! 



  1. Anrich Bester

    Thank you for the exciting update, Mark and Jill! We are so happy to hear from you and to learn from you. Thank you and the GTI Australia community for everything you did for us in 2022.

  2. Kika Gusmao

    It is always great to hear from you, Mark & Jill. I hope we can learn a lot from each other in this new year. ^^


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