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Ask me (almost) anything, June 2023

Jun 19, 2023

On June 17, we celebrated World Day of Drought and Desertification.

In celebration of this day, we asked Mark to please share his experience and knowledge on desertification and drought, and being in the desert.

Mark tells us that he did do some work in Libya and the Middle East; Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq.

“Libya was interesting. I was there in 1979, just when the US Embassy hostages were taken in Tehran. I was inspecting a site that had been developed just after WWII. It was 100 hectares of Australian Gumtree forest, and it was planted by Australians after the war. The gum trees in Libya loved the environment and did very well. It looked like Australia’s inland country!

This whole site was enclosed by high brick walls, mainly to stop people from taking the trees for firewood. This is a common situation in Arab / Bedouin cultures because for surviving in the desert, they need firewood to cook.

In fact, this is typical of the whole of North Africa and the Middle East, but we must respect the cultures and their hopes for a better life and environment. And, we can encourage and support them to be the best custodians that they can be.” Mark says.

One of the desert sites Mark worked at.

Concerning drought, Mark suggests that the starting point should involve water conservation, in relation to the local climate and weather conditions.

Make sure that available water is used wisely, by:
– preventing water run-off and evaporation,
– enabling water soaking and retention in the soil,
– and ensuring that the water catchments are well protected.

The most efficient way to manage water is through underground storage. Protection of these underground facilities is essential to prevent animals from spoiling precious water supplies.

Thank you for these tips and for sharing your experience in Libya, Mark. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from you!

Below, a few photos Mark shares from his time in the desert:


Please share this. Thank you!

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  1. Anrich Bester

    Nice to see your photos and a younger version of you, Mark!


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