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Ask me (almost) anything, October 2022

Oct 17, 2022

One of our regional coordinators, Emma Defresne, and her husband Eric, want to make a ‘modest contribution’ to our planet.

Emma and Eric live in the area of Alpes de Haute, Provence, located in the southeast of France.

They asked for some insight into a project that they are busy with; collecting acorns from local Oak trees, ‘raising’ them, and then offering them to the local community. See, there are special Oak trees growing in this area where they live!*

Their work is inspired by a delightful story of Jean Giono, The man who planted trees.

Emma and Eric had a very sensitive approach, and explained that they do not want to act in a way that will be harmful to the environment. On the contrary, they want to help all beings! Therefore, they asked Mark’s opinion.

Emma and Eric with one of the special Oak trees, just outside of their village.

Mark happily shared his input. He says that the oak tree project seems to be essential to preserve the genetic heritage of the French Oak, before the severe effects of climate become too severe.

“I think it is just one thing we can do to prepare for the next generations to keep the landscape of France alive.” Mark comments.

Mark tells us that In Australia, they have some similar projects for the oceans – collecting corals from the Great Barrier Reef that are resistant to bleaching with high water temperatures, breeding them up in artificial tanks and replanting them back into the ocean. Small, but important steps to retain this world heritage.

“I support your work to “grow up” the trees – no doubt the researchers will take all care to follow the best methods, so that there are no effects on the ecology of Provence. Your grandchildren will thank you.” Mark tells Emma.

Thank you for your hard work, Emma and Eric, and thank you for your input, Mark! We appreciate learning from you.

Do you want to know more about Emma and Eric’s project? Reach out to Emma and ask her what they are doing.

You can also post your questions to Mark in the comment section below.
*See more about the special Oak trees here (document in French).

Below, the countryside in Vacheres, where Emma and Eric live, and where the Oak trees grow.

Please share this. Thank you!

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  1. Anrich Bester

    Thank you for your story, Emma, Eric, and Mark!


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