Celebrating life through tree planting

Rowena Field is our dedicated coordinator in the United Kingdom. She has planted and dedicated many trees in the past and she is connected to one of our Tree-Planting Partners, the Woodland Project.

Recently, Rowena reported having planted 85 trees with the Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds.

โ€œFifty-five of the trees were dedicated to David Gaunt in memory and celebration of his lifeโ€, Rowena shares. She continues by saying, โ€œHe was a dearly loved brother and son and a much appreciated friend to many. He would have loved trees being planted for him in such a beautiful, wild place which is now a nature reserve.

The trees were planted in the shape of a D with an opening left so that people visiting could walk inside the D. The trees were sponsored by his family and his many friends and they were planted by his brother and sister and two close friends.โ€


It is wonderful to see our community planting trees in memory of their loved ones. Indeed, this is a great way to honor their memory while contributing to the well-being of wildlife and humans alike.

Thank you all at Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds, and thank you to Rowena for sharing this story and inspiring us.


Who:Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds
Why:Many of the trees were planted for David Gaunt in celebration of his life.
Where:York, United Kingdom
When:November 29, 2023
What kind of Trees:Aspen, Alder, Hornbeam, Goat Willow
How many:

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