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Community blog: A reflection on 2022 with our friends from Tahiti

Feb 27, 2023

Our tree-planting community from the French Polynesian island of Tahiti, tells us about the trees they planted and dedicated in the year 2022.

The various tree plantings in 2022 were part of collaborative actions between several local entities such as the Poihere te Natura collective, les Petits Ateliers Mindfulness, the Maison Vehiatama Montessori Tahiti, Naropa Center of Tahiti, Taimoana school, College of Punaauia and at the international level the NGO Peace and Kindness in Action within the framework of the Peace Tree program.

We are happy to share the collective input from Stephane Lebon (representing Poihere Te Natura) and Bélinda Hui (representing Les Petits Ateliers Mindfulness). Here is what they have to say:

By planting these trees, the intention was to sensitize citizens, parents, and children to the importance of regenerating and taking care of nature in all its forms. Thus, becoming aware of the interdependence between man and what surrounds him (plants, insects, animals, men, stars, water, earth, 4 elements …)

We have dedicated the trees to the children, so that they can still pick and taste delicious fruits, breathe in the perfumes of the flowers, the essences of the trees, and learn to plant and look after them. We protect more what we love.

We planted and dedicated for the benefit of tomorrow. Our fear is that our children will stay on their phones or computers instead of enjoying beautiful nature!

Children from Ecole Taimoana Erhardt Nathalie’s classroom.

What we enjoyed about planting trees, were the sharing, the collaboration, the passing on, the contact with the earth, the roots, the smell of the wet soil, the glimmer of joy in the children’s eyes, and their motivation to do this on their own!

Watching the adults rediscover their childlike nature and (re)connect to the beauty of living things was also a highlight. Through these acts of planting trees, we also develop values of kindness, generosity and benevolence in ourselves and in others through our example.

What we liked most about planting trees, is feeling this link with nature, and above all, contributing in our own way, to the well-being of tomorrow. To continue to give life to trees, and to share this magnificent gesture with others is only happiness!

To conclude, we want to share that the collaboration between environmental citizen collectives, public schools, private companies, and an international NGO, is proof that human beings are capable of mobilizing for the Love of Trees regardless of their age, sex, origin, social categories… there are no barriers, just a shovel, and two hands!

It is important to give a chance to our children of tomorrow. The world needs small to big actions in order to protect our earth and bring our small contribution to all that it brings us!

Thank you very much for inspiring us, Belinda, Stephane, and your community! We are thankful to hear from you, and we are looking forward to seeing what you will be doing in 2023!

Are you inspired by this story and want to learn more about these projects? Get in contact with Belinda or Stephane, or visit their websites / Facebook pages:
Les petits ateliers Mindfulness
Collectif Poihere Te Natura 987

And, enjoy these beautiful photos below!

In celebration of International Peace Day, children decorated their PEACE TREE with kind words and wishes. After breathing and meditating under the tree the children sent doves of peace.

Before planting trees, the group connected together to their heart and to the earth, the trees, the water, the waterfalls, and all the elements of nature with gratitude and respect.

Several fruit trees have been planted in the arboreal garden of the Papeenoo Valley (Belinda Hui and a young child)

Hervé Lemouzy and Veronique Leu

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