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Community Blog, May 2024

May 31, 2024

Uniting Against Corruption, Climate Change, and Exclusion: African call for unity and solidarity

By Jussa Kudherezera


In a powerful display of solidarity, African youth activists, civil society members, and social change actors gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, to address the triple threats of corruption, environmental challenges, and exclusionary decision-making processes plaguing the continent.

Representing Zimbabwe, MAYA’s (Manica Youth Assembly) Team Leader and GTI’s Regional Coordinator, Jussa Kudhedhezera, joined forces with participants from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, and Mauritius, to share experiences, ideas, and innovative solutions to the economic, socio-cultural, and ecological crises facing Africa.

This was a safe space for the Karibu New Realities Grant (KNRG) awardees to meet and learn from each other, and share experiences, gaining a deeper understanding of the strengths, limitations, and effects of the KNRG approach and process.

The Karibu New Realities Grant is a Karibu Foundation‘s pilot initiative aiming at supporting “bold, innovative, forward thinking, “constructive troublemaking”, and imaginative initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa” that add new dimensions and make the collective effort for systemic justice stronger.

Corruption, a pervasive issue undermining Africa’s development, was a major focus of the gathering. “We demand transparency and accountability from our leaders. Youth must be included in decision-making processes to ensure a brighter future for Africa”, Jussa shares.

Climate change, another pressing concern, was highlighted as a critical threat to Africa’s environment, economy, and human well-being. Jussa clearly states that “we need collective action to address the climate crisis. Youth is key for driving sustainable solutions and ensuring a livable future.”

The exclusion of youth and rural women from decision-making processes was also a major concern. “We will no longer be silenced or marginalized”, declared Kudhedhezera. And he reiterated, “youth must be given a seat at the table to contribute to policy-making and shape the future of Africa.”

The gathering emphasized the importance of solidarity and collective action in addressing Africa’s challenges.

“We stand together as one Africa united against corruption, climate change, and exclusion. Together, we can build a brighter future for our continent and the world. Hope for change lies exactly in the coming together and the willingness to stand in solidarity with each other, when we realize the common need for a systematic change, concerning many local, national, and international challenges.” – Jussa

MAYA’s participation in the Nairobi gathering further demonstrated its commitment to amplifying youth voices, driving sustainable solutions, and promoting inclusive decision-making processes. As Africa faces the triple threats of corruption, climate change, and exclusion, its youth are standing strong, demanding a seat at the table and a say in shaping their future.

Jussa finishes – “We rise. We build. We resist.”



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