Concerned mayor dedicates more than 100 trees!

Our French branch coordinator, Marie Henry, tells us about her town and its mayor.

Marie lives in Marzens, located in the Tarn district of France. Last month, Marie met with Mr. Bernard Carayon, the mayor of the Tarn district.  Mr. Carayon shares our concern about global warming and its effects.

When Marie explained the Global Tree Initiative to the mayor, he was enthusiastic! He said he is happy to join forces with the Global Tree Initiative.  He told Marie that he intends to plant one tree for every child that is born in the town.

Plus, he plans to plant and dedicate even more trees. Marie tells us that they are exploring various projects for collaboration.  These include greening parking areas, growing vegetable gardens, and covering 20,000 square meters with trees and bushes.

Wow, thank you for your incredible work, Marie!
A very big THANK YOU to the mayor for leading by example!

Please, be sure to share these upcoming stories with us.

We are excited to partner to make our planet a greener, healthier home!

Let us know what you are doing in your town to help the environment.

In the photo, from left to right:  Mayor Bernard Carayon, the Environmental Deputy Chantal Guidez, and Marie Henry from the Global Tree Initiative, France.


Who: Tarn District’s Mayor
Why: Marzens, a municipality of the Tarn district, France, is very concerned with global warming and is happy to dedicate all the trees planted as well as future plantations for His Holiness’ long life through GTI.
Where: Tarn District, France
When: November 24, 2021
What kind of Trees: 10 fruit trees; 6 white acacias; 6 red acacias, 7 maples; 8 red oaks; 5 frenes; 9 liquizambar; 10 limetrees; 10 flower appletrees; 10 flower hazel trees; 10 linger trees; 10 american beantrees; 1 maple tree; 15 trees on green parking.
How many: 117


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