Congratulations to Raghunath Dhole and Chhaya Taralekar

It is with great joy that we congratulate two of our Global Tree Initiative India community members for their recent success!

Mr. Raghunath Dhole

At the end of March, Mr. Raghunath Dhole received the state-level ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vanshree Award’. The award was issued on behalf of the Maharashtra State Government.

Mr. Dhole, the founder of Devrai Foundation and known as Maharashtra’s Tree Man, has produced hundreds of thousands of saplings and distributed them free of cost, taking initiative in creating man-made Devrai (sacred grove) in Maharashtra and other states.*

Congratulations, Mr. Dhole! We are so happy that your inspiring work and dedication are being acknowledged and honored. We look forward to keep learning from you, and being continuously inspired by you!

Mr. Raghunath Dhole has millions of seeds, ready to be distributed! If you would like to receive some of his seeds, get in contact with Mrinailini Nigde, our GTI India coordinator in Maharashtra, or follow our GTI India Facebook page and see where and how you can receive some seeds!


Mr. Dhole receiving his award


Snippet of Mr. SDhole in an Indian newspaper

Ms. Chhaya Taralekar

In April, Ms. Chhaya Taralekar received the ‘Kashmira Puravasini Publications Award’!

This reward was received for her publication of two books for children, available on Amazon globally.

With the help of Ms. Chhaya’s educational books, children can enjoy small experiments on plants, and learning while having fun! See her books here!

A very big congratulations on your award and your two books, Ms. Chhaya Taralekar! We are so thankful for your contribution to our Indian and global youth and community!

You can help share Ms. Chhaya Taralekar’s work by subscribing to her educational YouTube Channel and sharing her videos. Or, support her by buying one of her books or sharing the news with your friends and community.

Chhaya’s book on Amazon

Chhaya Taralekar

In case you missed it, our GTI director, Hans Timpner, recently visited India and had the pleasure of meeting both Mr. Raghunath Dhole and Ms. Chhaya Taralekar. You can read the story here!

*Remember to enjoy the eco-tourism at Mr. Dhole’s nursery. He offers his sacred grove knowledge, free of charge, to all those who are interested. In this way, you not only enjoy a stay in nature but also learn to develop your nursery and so much more!


Please share this. Thank you!


  1. Kika Gusmao

    Congratulations to you both. I feel lucky to be able to learn from you.
    I have read some chapters of the Nature to Nurture book and they have helped me kickstart my terrace garden. Thank you!

    • Pravin Balakrishnan

      Congratulations to both the wonderful individuals.
      Hats off to them.

  2. Hans-Werner Gerald Timpner

    congratulations from the bottom of my heart to both of you for your great work and initiatives


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