Family plants fruit trees in Costa Rica to benefit nature and Mother Gaia

Photo above: Taken at the end of June 2023, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Wendy and her family arriving in Costa Rica!

This week, we are excited to share our first official Success Story from Costa Rica, thanks to Wendy Strebe!

Wendy, who has been planting and dedicating many fruit trees, shares her heartfelt story with us.

She says that “Our story is just a personal, family story. When we moved from Northern New Mexico to Costa Rica in June 2003, we wanted to plant as many fruit trees as we could. We did this to ensure we have abundant fruits to eat and share, at the lodge we built in the jungle. So, we planted lots of fruit trees and enjoyed many tropical fruits from our own land.

After seven years, we sold the lodge and moved up into the high mountains of Costa Rica and planted about 50 fruit trees on that property. Here, we thrived for 12 and a half years!

The property in Costa Rica where Wendy and her husband Erich planted many fruit trees

We had oranges, cherries, berries, avocados, peaches, plums, bananas, figs and some tropical fruits growing, and some that had not yet come into fruit when we sold the property in 2022.

Now we are living in the mountains above the central Pacific coast, at 444 meters (about 1456 Feet), a perfect elevation and weather for planting fruit trees! My two sons also live close by, and they are also planting as much fruit as they can on their properties.”

Recent fruit trees planted


Wendy concludes that “It is exciting, and it feels good to know that we will have so much fruit to eat and share. I love trees, and I love fruit!”

Thank you very much for inspiring us and for sharing the fruits of your commitment and labour with us, Wendy! We enjoyed reading your family’s story and seeing your photos!

Have a look at our global tree-planting map, and see Wendy’s photos and stories in Costa Rica!


Below, some more photos of the delicious fruit Wendy and her family plant and enjoy!


Who:Wendy Strebe and her family
Why:We planted the trees to benefit our community, this mountain, the birds and wildlife and Mother Gaia.
Where:Costa Rica
When:During 2022 and 2023
What kind of Trees:Variety of fruit trees
How many:
More than 50

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