Food for thought, December 2021

Dec 4, 2021

Plant-based Christmas Feast?

December… the final month of the year… we meet again! December is here already and with it the feeling of another year that has gone by. What do you reckon, did you make it count?
For this month’s article, I want to bring forward a topic very dear to me and very relevant considering what usually happens around this time of the year – (a lot of) food waste.

Soon, a big part of the human population will be celebrating Christmas, a Christian festivity that is now widely observed by both religious and non-religious people. This is a time for family gatherings around the table, which means we all have a great opportunity to modify our habits to more environmentally friendly ones. Christmas time is host to incredible amounts of food waste – for instance, in the UK food waste production is believed to increase by 80% around Christmas time, with 270K tons of food being binned during the season.

Christmas (as any other time) can be a valuable period to reflect upon the importance of food and the impact of wasting it. Apart from the resources it uses up, food waste accounts for 8-10 % of global GHG emissions. Cutting down food waste is something anyone can do and hence, it is everyone’s responsibility.

Some tips you can consider when thinking about your weekly meals or even your Christmas feast, is to plan them ahead. If sharing the meal with others, arrange what each person will take to avoid overcooking. And even if after all the planning food remains, give it away, donate it, freeze it, or put your heads together to create another meal with it. Just don’t waste it.

There are many other considerations to be had if one aims at hosting a green Christmas feast. What is served will have my focus next. Last month, I shared with you the motivation behind my choosing a plant-based diet – the desire for fair treatment and the well-being of other animals. Having a plant-based Christmas feast might sound overwhelming but I’ve got your back! I will dedicate these weeks leading up to Christmas (and New Year’s Eve) to share as much with you as possible.

Last month we’ve looked at a starter (a beginner friendly hummus), so now we’ll learn about the main course.

Lentil & Tofu Loaf

Tofu is one of the best plant-based proteins you can find; besides it is versatile and easy to use. There are 1000+ ways to eat tofu, and you’ll learn the flavor and texture will very much range with the brand you buy.
This recipe is quite simple to put together but will take some cooking time. Don’t stress too much about the amounts and make sure you have fun while cooking. If you don’t like some of the ingredients, change it for another you love – it’s YOUR cooking, YOUR feast, make sure you put YOURSELF into it.

Dry ingredients:
• 440g (2 cups) cooked lentils
• 180g (1 cup) cooked peas
• 100g (1 cup) blended oats
• 60g (½ cup) blended walnuts
• 2 tbsp blended flaxseeds

• 120g (1.2 cups) chopped mushrooms
• ½ bell pepper (approx. 100g)
• 1 onion
• 200g white firm tofu (crumbled)

• 1 tbsp tahini
• 1 tbsp paprika paste
• 1 tbsp garlic paste
• 1 tbsp soy sauce
• ½ tbsp mustard

After sauteing the abovementioned ingredients, add them to a container and let them cool down.
Add all the remaining ingredients (dry and seasoning) and mix well with your hands. Shape the dough into a loaf-like shape inside an oven-safe container.
Take it to the oven for 30-40 minutes at 180ºC (350ºF).
Let it rest at room temperature for 15 minutes before cutting.

Not so hard right? You tell me!
I write 1 article per month in this blog, but feel free to visit me on Facebook or Instagram, to either ask questions, or to check on my other recipes! I will do my best to keep sharing delicious recipes with you, and hopefully together we’ll make a greener Christmas possible!

Thank you, always!

Download your printable recipe card here:
Food for thought: Letil & Tofu Loaf


  1. Natacha Ampe

    Thanks for your inspiration! I love your way of looking at the world!

    • Kika

      Thank you Nat! I appreciate walking this path with you 🙂


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