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Harmony and the For the Planet ( team from Ibiza, Spain, planted seven fruit trees during the month of May, 2020.  The trees were planted in their newly designed, geometric vegetable garden along with a sincere wish for a better and more conscious planet.  They planted a clementine tree, an orange tree, a lemon tree, a cherry tree, a nectarine tree plus two avocado trees.

Harmony shares her planting tip:

“I learned a really good technique today: first dig a big hole (1 m); then, add dry animal compost (we used horse manure);  within one month, this will create extra energy; now, add organic dry compost (we used algarrobas) to protect the roots from the horse compost because the horse product might burn the tree; now, soak the area well with water so the humidity will stay for a long time; finally, put in the tree backfilling the hole with a mixture of earth and compost. This is the secret to help the roots of the tree grow!”

Harmony Hita Torres

For the Planet

Islas Baleares, Ibiza, Spain


Who: Harmony Hita Torres & For the Planet team
Why: For a better and conscious planet
Where: Spain, Ibiza
When: 2020/05/30
What kind of Trees: 2 Avocado, Clementine, Orange, Lemon, Cherry, and Nectarine
How many: 7 Trees


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