Friends in France plant trees to provide shade to horses

This week’s success story comes from one of our French regional coordinators, Marie Henry.

Marie tells us, “Anne is one of my yoga students, and we became good friends. When Anne decided to plant trees on a field that she bought, she asked the help of a few friends.”

Together as friends, they planted a total of 95 fruit trees on Anne’s field. In the future, the trees will provide shade for the horses.

After planting, Anne dedicated her work and trees to “the planet, His Holiness’ long and healthy life, and Lama Ösel’s birthday.”

Thank you very much for telling us about this story, Marie, and thank you for telling your friend Anna about the Global Tree Initiative!

We look forward to seeing how these trees grow, and we are happy to know that they will provide shade for the horses. This is a beautiful example of how we as humans can take care of animals and make their lives more convenient.

If anyone wants to plant trees in France, get in touch with one of our French coordinators, and ask them how! 



Who:Anne Rostan group
Why:To provide shade to the horses.
Where:Loupiac, France
When:February 14, 2024
What kind of Trees: Fruit
How many:

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