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Good Samaritan Support Action plants hundreds of trees in Kenya!

Good Samaritan Support Action plants hundreds of trees in Kenya!

Our partner in Kenya has been very busy planting trees! Susan Kanguha from Good Samaritan Support Action (GOSSA), tells us about their spring activity.

β€œRecently, volunteers gathered to plant trees in the area of Nairobi, Kajiado, and the Western part of Kenya. The volunteers came from the local community. They understand the importance of planting trees. During the rainy season, the soil in this area erodes.Β  This prompted the local community to participate largely.” Susan said.

Together, the local community planted around 5,000 trees!

β€œTrees play an important part in regulating global climate. They remove carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere, while cycling oxygen back into it. It is estimated that up to 25% of the total amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere every year is released from trees being cut and burned. It is clear that protecting the world’s forests is an important part of solving the global climate change problem,” Susan commented.

Thank you very much for educating us, Susan!

Planting trees is just one of the incredible projects of GOSSA.

GOSSA also supports the development of local nurseries, and provides environmental education to the community through workshops and seminars. You can see more about their incredible work on their website!



GOSSA and the local farming community

Why:Good Samaritan Support Action initiated a program of increasing forest cover and we encouraged the community to plant trees.
Where:Nairobi, Kenya
When:May 1, 2022
What kind of Trees:Fruit trees, indigenous trees, and others
How many:5,000


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