Growing friendships through the Global Tree Initiative

Jul 22, 2022

In celebration of International Day of Friendship (July 30), we bring you a story of friendship.
A guest blog by Emma Defresne and Anrich Bester

The Global Tree Initiative (GTI) is not just about planting trees. It is, also, about creating communities and growing friendships. 

Recently, our French coordinator, Emma, and her husband, Eric Defresne, opened their home and their hearts to our project coordinator, Anrich Bester.

For three weeks, Anrich visited Emma and Eric in Vachères, France. Together, they had a great amount of fun!

Emma and Eric showed Anrich the local fauna and flora, educated him about preservation of their area, and about the special oak trees growing in their forest. They also introduced Anrich to their precious friends, Daniel, and Brigitte Tros.

Anrich was invited to a local event, where trees, nature, and environmental events were promoted and educated.

“We made friends with local tree-sellers, who were eager to know more about the GTI! I excitedly told them that the GTI promotes tree-planting to create communities. The friendly tree-sellers were happy to learn about the GTI. They offered us trees at a discounted price. After sharing contact details, we left with three trees!” Anrich says.

Further, Anrich tells us that “I am fortunate to meet Emma and Eric. I became two friends richer! Leading by example, they showed me how to consume more mindfully and respectfully of my environment. I am learning how to become more conscious of the impact we as humans have on the environment. Now, I have an increased awareness of the great responsibility we hold for preserving the planet for our future generations. Thank you, Emma, and Eric.”

Emma shares that “It was a great pleasure to open our door to Anrich. It is a good opportunity to get to know each other better, and to share moments of friendship. We hope that Anrich can leave richer, with new experiences and new ideas.”


Thank you, Anrich and Emma, for sharing your story! Thank you, Emma, and Eric, for taking good care of Anrich! We are happy to see how the GTI is creating communities and friendships!

We hope you are creating friendships through the GTI, as well. Please, share your story with us!


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