Growing seeds, Growing love!

Our New Zealand regional coordinator, Bengu, shares her beautiful story with us:

“Every single time I had a seed in my hand, I could not help but wonder the possibilities of that seed. I also wondered how bad it is that I throw them in the compost where they might not do what they are supposed to do. They may not get to their full potential.

One fine morning, while enjoying my avocado on toast, I decided to save the avocado seeds. With the help of other blogs and videos on YouTube and a quick ten minutes of research, I embarked on this project of creating my little nursery.

Now, I live in a tiny cottage but that did not stop my enthusiasm somehow. I am better at visual expression so the photos show more than I can tell. When I look at the seeds growing into trees, I hardly believe this magic of a show.

This makes me a greedy person. I want more of this. It is somewhat so surreal how easy it is to do. Well, there have been failures, too, of course, with other types of seeds. I remind myself that I am not the one who grows these trees. The interdependent nature of things makes it happen. I just arrange the meeting of the seed and the soil.

I have six trees growing already. They will be in good time to plant in the ground in the autumn. There will be more to come since I have access to an organically grown tree as the mother tree.

This is a short story about my tiny nursery. Keep sharing, please. You show the way to people like me.

I wonder how long before the first avocados manifest. There will be photos.

Big love for all!”

Thank you for your beautiful story, Bengu!

Are you in New Zealand and want to plant or dedicate your trees too?
Contact Bengu, she will help you get involved!

Have a look at our Global Tree Initiative New Zealand Facebook page, and stay up to date with what is happening in New Zealand!



Having saved so many avocado seeds, it was time to arrange the meeting with the solid. Most seeds can do that. Save and plant.

I would like to dedicate to all sentient beings that will benefit one way or another.

Where:Upper Moutere, New Zealand
When:December 1, 2021
What kind of Trees:Avocado
How many:6


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