Harsh Jain plants seven trees in Pune, India!

Meet Harsh Jain, the environmental enthusiast that loves to plant trees!

Harsh, from Pune, India, recently planted and dedicated seven fruit and medicinal trees.

He tells us, β€œOver the last few years, I felt that we need to protect nature from all the man-made issues. This also means that we can save ourselves from the climate change crisis we are facing. Planting trees means saving lives! I believe that individual action matters the most. I also work as a plogger with Pune Ploggers. We clean the city and thus conserve biodiversity.”

Harsh dedicated his hard work and tree-planting to his friends, family, and all the living beings on this planet!

Thank you for your wonderful story, Harsh! We are happy to learn from you and to be inspired by you.

If you want to get involved with Pune Ploggers, check them out on Facebook.


Who:Harsh Jain
Why:I plant trees on behalf of my friends, family and for all the living beings on this planet.
Where:Pune, Maharashtra, India
When:June 5, 2021
What kind of Trees:Fruit and Medicinal Trees
How many:7


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