‘Honey-like nectar’ from the Bodhi trees

Meet Diep Nguyen, our tree-planting friend from Hanoi, Vietnam.
has been planting trees since 2019.

Diep shares her inspiring story of how she finds the small Bodhi
trees, nurtures them, and offers them:

“First, I collect them from the park near my house, where they grow
in the wild and could not grow for long. I collect them and then plant
them in my balcony-garden. When they grow more than 1meter’s height, I
would bring them to my grandma’s house and garden, around 80Km from my

Diep tells us that once the Bodhi trees are ready, she offers them to
friends. One of her friends planted some of her Bodhi trees around her
father’s grave. She also offers some of the trees at the pagodas in
her area.

Do you know what a Bodhi tree tastes like? Diep knows!
She tells us that her Bodhi trees “produced honey-like nectar. It
tastes really sweet.”

Thank you for sharing your sweet story, Diep!

In the video below, Diep shows her Bodhi trees and dedicates her trees
to the Dalai Lama on his 86th birthday.

You can see more about Diep on her LinkedIn page:

She is also the author of “Swimming in Samsara”

Do you have an inspiring story too? Tell us about it and share your
photos and videos!



Thi Hong Diep

Why:I would like to dedicate the Bodhi Trees I have planted to my father, who had passed away and the disappearance of COVID-19 as soon as possible
Where:Hanoi, Vietnam
When:November 10, 2019
What kind of Trees:Bodhi Trees
How many:40


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