L’Aorai hiking trail is now open!

We are happy and excited to share this message from our tree-planting community in Tahiti:


Our Poihere Te Natura group officially opened the “Tree of the Aorai de Tahiti” hiking trail!

This trail was created thanks to the initiative of a Polynesian artist named Moi, a group of nature lovers called Marev Artist Tahiti, and Belinda Hui.

This project is dedicated to people who love hiking, as well as families who want to come and discover the trail through our educational panels equipped with QR Codes. In this modern way, you will get to know our local fruit trees!


As of today, we have planted more than 350 trees on this trail since we started this project. These trees were dedicated with the Global Tree Initiative in 2021 and 2022.

Feel free to reach Stephane Lebon by email, if you would like to know more. And, visit the Poihere Te Natura Facebook page for more details!

In case you missed it, you can read the community blog: A reflection on 2022 with our friends from Tahiti, here.

Video and images of the L’Aorai hiking trail


Please share this. Thank you!


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