Meet Lana Popovic, our new Project Manager

In August 2023, the Global Tree Initiative’s team grew once again. Lana Popovic joined the community and put her experience at our service.

Lana has been instrumental in the past few months; she has been working behind the scenes to give our big organization a more robust structure. Lana has been closely helping Tom, Anrich, and Kika with several tasks involving donor management and human resources.


Half Serbian, half Croatian, Lana grew up in Belgrade, Serbia. She came to the United States in 1999 to study and has remained here ever since. She earned a BA in Interior Design with a Minor in Leadership and an MA in Industrial Design. Her passion for spirituality and human potential eventually led her to change her career to coaching, consulting, and content creation utilizing psycho-spiritual methods of the East and West wisdom traditions.

Lana’s hobbies include physical disciplines and she spent years training in gymnastics, ballet, martial arts, yoga, and more recently, acrobatics. She enjoys traveling and does so regularly. Other hobbies include reading, rollerblading, cooking, and spending time with her beloved dog Mercury.

Lana met Osel in his HAK Mexico retreat in March 2023 and felt strongly connected to him and aligned with his purpose. Her vast appreciation and love for nature, as well as her great concern for the environment, propelled her to join the Global Tree Initiative team and offer her service both to Ösel Hita and to the organization.

From interior designing to coaching

Lana is a passionate advocate for human evolution and an avid lover of ancient alchemical teachings. She promotes psycho-spiritual methods integrating scientific technologies with Eastern and Western wisdom traditions, for the purpose of helping people reach their potential.

In 2006 Lana undertook the process of formal initiation into both the Tibetan Buddhist and Western Hermetic traditions, transforming her lifelong interest into a serious, full-time study and practice. Her own first-hand experience and transformational development that ensued became the very foundation of her coaching practice.

Formerly an interior and industrial designer, she left that path in 2014 to dedicate herself fully to a career in coaching.

Along the way, she earned certifications in several therapeutic modalities and programs, some of which combine research in neuro-science with Eastern mindfulness-based methods. She is certified in holistic health coaching,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Neo-Ericksonian hypnosis.

She is currently engaged in formal study of Jungian psychology.

Lana creates content, courses, and coaching programs implementing her psycho-spiritual training, particularly emphasizing work with the unconscious in the context of holistic self-improvement.


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