Meet Miss Bonnie McSquirrely, our Global Tree Initiative Mascot!

Miss Bonnie McSquirrely (or Miss Bonnie or Bonnie for short) lives in the City of Oaks, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. One year ago, Miss Bonnie was a tiny, orphaned baby squirrel that, without help, would not have lived another day. She was found by her soon-to-be surrogate mother and caregiver who is also our GTI coordinator for the USA, Kat O’Lone.

Now, one year later, little Miss Bonnie is a thriving, outdoor living, indoor visiting squirrel! Plus, she is a TikTok celebrity sensation with a mission to save our planet!

You see, Miss Bonnie is an active tree-planter. Her mother, Kat, tells us that she is discovering numerous oak tree seedlings sprouting in and around their garden due to Miss Bonnie’s forgotten nuts!

For her first birthday (August 1), Miss Bonnie asked Kat to create a big, month-long, birthday party for her. You are invited. Miss Bonnie is celebrating her birthday with a fundraiser for the Global Tree Initiative.

Please, join Bonnie’s birthday party fund-raiser on Instagram or on Facebook!

Happy birthday, Miss Bonnie. We are happy to welcome you to our team! Thank you for celebrating your birthday with us! Thank you for doing a birthday party fundraiser for us!

Thank you for helping us save the world one nut at a time!

Have a look at Bonnie’s link tree.  Follow her on her social media platforms. You can get in touch with Bonnie through her fan-mail account:

You should be seeing a lot of Bonnie in the future.  She is joining our education team.
What do you think about the idea of Miss Bonnie’s Boys and Girls Clubs?

If you cannot access the fundraiser through Instagram or Facebook, please donate through our website.


More News

Welcome to our new partner, QS World Merit!

The Global Tree Initiative (GTI) partnership with QS World Merit was  celebrated on Friday, August 12, with an inspiring webinar launch of the Trees for Merit Global Tree Planting Challenge.

Mark’s birthday fundraiser

THANK YOU for celebrating your birthday with us, Mark!

Welcome to our new partner, Fundação JMJ Lisboa 2023!

The idea of forming a partnership between the JMJ and the Global Tree Initiative was born while meeting with this inspiring group of people. Restoring degraded land by planting trees was already on the table for the organizing committee so it was a natural fit.

Thank you, Jean Pierre Raad, for interpreting our meeting!

A very big THANK YOU to Jean Pierre for offering his time and skills to the Global Tree Initiative (GTI). Recently, the GTI had a meeting with a group in Mauritania called ANAD. JP kindly assisted us with interpretation from Arabic to English.

Creating a global community through tree planting!

Nathanael enrolled in the Ecovillage Development Education certification program hosted by Gaia Education. It was through these weekly global Zoom meetings that Nathanael met GEN Ambassador Patty Rangel-Hernandez from Mexico.

Growing friendships through the Global Tree Initiative

The Global Tree Initiative (GTI) is not just about planting trees. It is, also, about creating communities and growing friendships. 

Happy birthday to the Dalai Lama: Our first environmental hero!

We are dedicating this video to our three environmental heroes – the Dalai Lama, Greta Thunberg, and Desmond Tutu – for their continued guidance and inspiration.

Meet Katy, our new Spanish Branch Coordinator!

Katy shares with us that several reasons made her fall in love with the idea of joining the Global Tree Initiative (GTI).

Exciting news from our GTI UK branch!

Jennifer has been on our team for about a year. First, she was the coordinator in New Zealand. While there, she organized this exciting tree-planting day. Now, she has moved to the UK where she is joining forces with Anna Colao and Rowena Field!

Our One Universal Family has planted and dedicated more than 1,000,000 trees!

Since the Global Tree Initiative (GTI) started in concept in the Fall of 2019, people in more than 50 countries have participated in planting their trees, growing our forests, and saving the lives of our future generations.

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