Meet Rowena Field, our Regional Coordinator for the UK!

Rowena has loved trees for as long as she can remember!

She was fortunate to spend her childhood surrounded by woodland and beautiful mature trees. So, the sense of attunement and ‘companionship’ that she feels with trees and woodland goes back a long way. It is a treasured thread in her life – a place to play, relax, wonder, delight, reflect and heal.

“In my teens and 20’s I joined in various tree planting projects. I can remember one of the slogans from that era ‘Plant a tree in ’73 – plant more in ’74!’

If that rallying cry was appropriate then, it’s even more acutely relevant now with the global climate and environmental crises upon us.
Being deeply touched by this unfolding tragedy I’ve been renewing my efforts with tree planting through local projects in York and Hebden Bridge and especially in the last year as part of the Eco-Dharma project at Jamyang Leeds, establishing the Jamyang Woodland in Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales. This project has reminded me of so much that is positive -the enjoyment of collaboration with a local wildlife group, the opportunity for people to directly participate in doing something positive for the climate, the connection with the local community and through GTI, with the global community and the sense of trying to do something of benefit for future generations which has never felt more important.

I’m very much looking forward to deepening my connection with GTI and the opportunity to play a small part in a beautiful vision of living in harmony with the Earth.”

Thank you for being with us, Rowena!

Reach out to Rowena and find out how you can join the GTI UK team:

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