A whisper from the woods

Mewsings from Jorge (and me!), December 2021

Dec 9, 2021

Jorge says, “Hi everyone around the world! I’m glad you like our mewsings and purring just thinking about it”

I learn from Jorge every day. This is a time of year all over the world where we appreciate all we have, and some of us are even able to share our good fortunes with others. This includes being kind to Mother Earth and all her creatures, flora, and fauna. This is one earth and one big love. Have you stepped outside and thanked a tree lately? I know this community has! They give us shade and oxygen and clean our air for us. What a beautiful world we live in!
For many of us, this is a time to gather and have meals with friends and family. Let’s celebrate each other all year round. Driving around I saw a saying on a sign: Thanksgiving is not just a day it’s a lifestyle. This is a nice sentiment.

Jorge reminds us, “Look up. Look around. Be aware and be grateful.”
It is easy to relish in the good times and be grateful; it is much easier to do.
I know it’s hard to be grateful in difficult times but if you try you will see how much it can help you get through the experience and come out better for it. Oh, to see the blessings and lessons in those moments is an exceptional thing yet I assure you, it can be quite ordinary too. Check it out and see if you want to try a gratitude practice. Please include gratitude for our trees and Earth’s beauty. Most of us get fresh air thanks to our tree friends.
Something I started doing a few years back is really looking at gratitude on a micro-scale. Starting with thanking my bed and being grateful to have a nice bed to sleep on. Thinking about where our food comes from all the way down the line from the farmers to the pickers to the trucker to the packers to the distributors to the produce people stocking our produce (or the local farmer at a farmers market or small farm), to a server bringing it to me in a restaurant. How far has that food journeyed to get to me to enjoy and be healthy. How lucky am I to get it?!

I see his love and appreciation Every time he looks at me.
Every. Single. Time.
How extraordinary to be able to share his sweet love with you all!
Here he is cuddling with me:

Jorge loves greeting guests when they come over. He freely gives his love.
Jorge says, “I am happiest sitting on Mama giving her cuddles, kisses, and purrs. That way she knows how much I care and love her. I make sure all ours guests get the same feeling when they visit. I give everyone cuddles, kisses, and purrs. Everyone deserves to be loved and know they matter. Even from a cat. I matter too! I find that so much love and appreciation is given right back to me when I open my heart and share my love.”

Deep bow to you all and enjoy this holiday season!

Quotes for you:
The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let go. ~ Unknown
Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree. ~ Emily Bronte

Please share this. Thank you!


  1. Miryam Aguilar

    It is so beautiful Jennifer! Thank you for showing your beautiful master cut, and the feelings and lessons you are giving us. It is very inspiring.

  2. Connie Adelman

    Oh my Jennifer. Jorge (and you) are so beautiful. I love trees and relish driving by them throughout the year, even when the leaves rustle and fall. Your gratitude for all things living is inspiring and helps me to look up more and more. thank you for these mewsings. You need to write a book. Keep it coming. Thank you.

  3. Alane Berdy

    Jenn, you and Jorge are such a blessing. I love this site and I love the message you both send and put into the universe. Trees rule! Keep spreading your positivity!

  4. Jennifer Troyan

    Miryam, Connie & Alane – Thank you for the most precious comments. We are so happy to know you have happiness and feel love from Jorge and me. We love talking about getting in nature and feeling the interconnectedness of things. Most grateful, Jennifer


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