A whisper from the woods

Mewsings from Jorge (and me!), March 2022

Mar 9, 2022

I had many homes, before I met Mama. Each one was for just a short amount of time. I did not understand why no one loved me. I felt abandoned, sad, and confused. No one said anything. They just gave me away, again and again… I tried to let my light shine.

Luckily, I ended up with Mama. She saw the best in me immediately.

I like it when Mama tells me my story. I have heard it so many times. I never get bored. I am happy to share it with you, now. Like this, we can celebrate how lucky it is to be lucky.

Mama is sure I am the answer to her prayers. This makes me feel special. She said she knew the right cat would come along when the conditions were right.

Mama had a Siamese cat before me. She knew she wanted to have another Siamese with blue eyes and long hair. She wanted a cat that needed to be in an “One cat only home.” (She can only have one cat where she lives.) She wanted a cat that was a couple of years old so it would be ok when Mama had to go to her job. Mama wanted a cat she could share her life with.

One morning, when she was getting ready for work, she got a text message from a friend of hers (Auntie Shawnah).  Auntie Shawnah worked at a veterinarian practice.

The message simply said, “How about this guy?”

Mama says she knew I was her wish come true. I was the fulfillment of her hopes. (This is the part where I get all tingly.)

Mama was so excited! She immediately agreed to meet me.

We have been together ever since. It has been years since that picture was taken. (I think they call it, “Online dating,” nowadays.)

Mama said she put her wish out there and let it go. She had full confidence we would meet when we should.

Uh, oh!  It looks like Mama wants to say something, now: It was such a thrill when I got that text. I knew at once that we were meant for each other, that we would help each other. Little did I comprehend then that Jorge’s universal love and goodness would make him a world-famous cat.

Fast forward to recently. Mama had just come back from a trip. I was not feeling well. Mama could tell. She was worried about me. She kept asking me if I was okay. She continually checked in with me.

Historically, I do not like going to the doctor. I especially do not like being in the cat carrier or the car. Every time I go, I just cry and cry and cry…. I get louder and louder….

Mama feels badly. She understands it is traumatic for me. She keeps trying to soothe me. She tells me it is going to be okay. She says she knows I do not like it. She realizes that but she says she is taking care of me.

Mama tried something new on this last car ride. She usually sits me in the front seat. This time, she put me in the back seat. This way, I could see out the window more easily. She was right! It was better!

I quieted down when I saw the trees and the sky. I did not feel so scared. Mama put on some soothing music like the meditation music she listens to. It calmed me.

When we stopped on the road for a red light, I could really see the trees clearly.  Looking at them made my tears and fears disappear.  I felt peaceful. I became quiet.

This was shocking to Mama. She assured me saying, “You can do this. See? It is nice to be outside the house. It is ok to go to the doctor. We are going to make you better.” She is so lovingly gentle with me.

When I was looking at those trees, I had a realization! It took years for me to know that maybe that is why I do not like the doctor. I am scared I might be going away, again. I might be abandoned, again. I get fearful.  That makes me reactive.

I know now that things unfold naturally. I know this now! I hope there isn’t a next time but, if there is, I hope it will be easier for me! It took a lot for me to trust and let go. Mama says the important thing is to learn from your experiences.

As it turns out, I had fleas. Mama did not know what was wrong, but she saw I was acting differently. Shhhh…I hope you can keep a secret.  I went to the bathroom in places outside of my litter box. That was my way of letting her know I was NOT HAPPY! This made her scared.

Well, it is hard for me to see fleas as my friends! Since Mama thought I was sick, she was relieved that this was an easy fix. Easy for her to say! Now I must have medicine I really do not like or want. As she says, I was being dramatic. Even though she said that she also said she was sorry I was going through a rough time. No one wants things crawling all over them. Reluctantly I admit, the medicine worked. Mama told the fleas will need to leave us alone and find a new place to live!

When we got returned, Mama gave me some treats. Then, she opened the windows in our house. It was cool and breezy. I sniffed the air. I was very happy to be securely at home.

I heard Mama talking to a friend. She said she thought about me being worried that I am going to be abandoned, again. Mama assures me she is not leaving me. She will be with me the whole time. I am going to be okay. She is going to be by my side. I just love her so!

Back to what I was saying in the beginning about feeling abandoned because people did not want me and all I wanted was to give my love and for some reason it was not happening… I know I finally found my home with Mama. 💚

I may be Siamese, but I feel I have the luck of the Irish. I hope you do, too!

I was just thinking how amazing all these different things are and what a nice world we have. Let’s keep it green!

A Note from Jennifer: Deep bow and be well everyone! Enjoy life. It is most precious.

Photos courtesy of Shawnah Murphy & Jennifer Troyan

Quotes to enjoy:

When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it. ~ Paulo Coelho

Please share this. Thank you!


  1. Karen

    Oh jeez, I had my heart pulled in different directions with this story. I thought for a moment that you were posting a story from his viewpoint after Jorge died and I was so sad!!!!! I’m so relieved to know he is happy and well.

    • Jennifer Troyan

      Karen – Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Jorge is doing really well. He says, Meow! – Jenn 🙂

    • Alane

      He’s such a ham. I’m so glad you and Jorge have each other. Love to you both ❤

      • Jennifer Troyan

        Alane – He sure is a ham. He’s filled with expression. We receive the love and send it to you too!

        Thank you for commenting. We love that you took the time to write a note.

        – Jenn 🙂

      • Nikki

        I was teary eyed throughout this whole story. It is so beautiful with such a beautiful message. So happy that you and Jorge have found each other!💚

        • Jennifer Troyan

          Nikki – It means a lot to know that this touched you. We are glad you enjoyed the blog post. Thanks for taking a moment to comment. We value everyone’s feedback. – Jenn 🙂

          P.S.: Jorge says hello!!


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