Mewsings from Jorge (and me!), November 2021

Nov 8, 2021

Welcome to week two of our newest GTI installment, our blogs: Whispers from the woods.
As you learned last week, we will offer FOOD FOR THOUGHT the first week of each month. The second week of each month, we will hear from Jorge the cat and his interpreter, Jennifer Troyan, a member of our social media team, with MEWSINGS FROM JORGE.

Jorge was discovered on Facebook where he used to share his witty and often thought-provoking, “Mewsings,” regularly. When he went into semi-retirement, we decided to see if he would volunteer with the Global Tree Initiative. He sent a message through Jennifer that he would find it meaningful as trees are important to him. We know they are important to you. Please, enjoy getting to know Jorge (and Jennifer). He appreciates constructive comments so, please, share your thoughts with him.

Mewsings from Jorge (and me!)
By Jennifer Troyan

Welcome to our new monthly blog post called, “Mewsings from Jorge (and me!).”

This blog is about lessons from the perspective of Jorge the cat (and me as his human interpreter). Sometimes it’s me sharing and sometimes it is Jorge or us together. We hope you find this fun, amusing and maybe it makes you think a bit along the way.
My sweetie Jorge and I have a message for YOU.

Jorge is a cat, yet he is so much more than that. He has become a great teacher to me and many others along the way because of sharing his messages. It is interesting. If you have ever had to communicate with someone who does not speak your language, you know that you can learn a lot without words. For me, words are so important but, if you are open, simply observing is a really good way to communicate.

Eye contact is another. Your heart shows through your eyes when you smile. Sometimes, you can look into someone’s eyes and understand them fully. Body language is another form of communication. Some people can “feel” or are perceptive about what someone else is communicating to them. Jorge’s sweet, little soul brings me such JOY! I’ve never met another cat like him. Every day he is a lesson in love. He reminds me to have fun, be silly and express my feelings because he is not shy about letting you know he loves you. He asked me to tell you to do what he does. I hope he makes you smile.

Photo taken in Florida, USA by Jennifer Troyan

Jorge says, “Remember everyone. Honor yourself and honor the dear ones around you – honor people, animals, and plant life. Do it for you, do it for me! YAY!! This is an EXCELLENT gift for anyone!!! Go ahead and hug a tree! Sometimes I even scratch them, but you have to be gentle because trees don’t always like that.”

Be judgment-free with yourself. You deserve to treat yourself how you treat your best friends, with love and respect. Here at The Global Tree Initiative, we are all about the interconnectedness of people/things, especially trees. Be it trees, nature, animals – you can learn a lot with nonverbal communication. Tap in. Pay attention. Enjoy nature. Plant a tree while you are at it.

Photo taken in North Carolina, USA by Jennifer Troyan

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Take a breath. Enjoy the day!


  1. Connie Adelman

    Oh my, this was soooo beautiful Thank you Jorge and owner. Yes, Jorge made me smile a lot. So did his human friend.

    • Jennifer Troyan

      We are so happy we made you smile. Thank you for reading the blog. Jorge sends a personal hello to you! Thanks, Jennifer


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