A whisper from the woods

Mewsings from Jorge, July 2022

Jul 11, 2022

Happy July – It is Time to Fly!

Interpreted by Jennifer Troyan (aka Mama)

This is post 3 of the 3-part travel series from Jorge. Much imagination was used in the process of writing this blog. Happy Reading!

After our marathon drive, we stopped for a couple of days and went to a few places. For this part, Mama said I could rest if I wanted to, so I did. I surely was not going to miss the Grand Canyon. I heard it is the law to go there if you are in Arizona. Mama told us she read that somewhere. Everyone laughed.  I thought she was serious!

We went to the South Rim part of the Grand Canyon. We stepped out and looked at this view. I feel like you could see into forever there. It was making me a bit nervous. Mama held me so I felt secure.

Look at this view!

We walked around a bit. Mama read some of the signs that had information about this place.  It was interesting.

It was neat that, while they were looking at the grandiose things, I was looking at the small things in my view. Like this. I asked Mama to take a close-up picture of this plant.  It could have been a weed.  I am not sure, but it kept my attention for a bit. I was sniffing around. The air was so nice up there. I just sat down and relaxed while they walked around some more.

Then, I went exploring a bit. There was one flower that was so pretty. I did not see any other flowers up at that spot.  This had me thinking about how, if you pay attention, you can see some beautiful and unexpected things.

I got some yellow stuff on my nose because I got too close smelling it. Mama said it is pollen. It felt funny.  She wiped it off for me.  Then, she cleaned me with a little water and a towel.

After that, we got back in the car.  We went to another part in the park. Mama wanted to share her love of the park with everyone. You can see her here:

There was a store in the park that had groceries, so we picked up some things.  We decided to have a picnic lunch at a nice spot. It was a little chilly and windy in the shade area we chose. There was snow on the ground, too.

I made a new friend who was happily waiting for us to finish lunch. First, he tried to eat with us! Mama said we cannot feed it people food because it lives in the wild. At first, I did not understand.  Then, I looked at him, again.  I saw that he was big. It is apparent he is eating well without our help.

After lunch, we went on with our day. Very quickly, the weather started to change a bit. My family was talking about the light, again. They were commenting on how quickly things can change from one second to another. I thought, this is just the way life is. You never know what is around the next corner. Such important things for me to learn.  I am glad Mama talks to me about this stuff.

This was one canyon area we were looking at:

This was the sky about 10 minutes later. It was getting dark at a time when it is usually still light.

This is another view of it. You can see the storm and rain from so far off. The water at the bottom is the Colorado River. I did not understand why it was called the Colorado River in Arizona. They explained that it a big, long river that goes extremely far. I guess it must because I am still curious about it. Our time in Colorado was days ago at this point.

We had more adventures on our journey, but I will end with this one. I will just show you in this video Auntie Melissa took. This was after we left the Grand Canyon.

How neat was that rainbow? You see, even during a storm, there is light. Something beautiful comes out of it, like an unexpected rainbow. At least that is what Mama says!

For me, I enjoyed the travel, but I really enjoyed finally getting home! I did not wait for Mama to fully unpack before I had to siesta on her stuff. I was tuckered out! I am sharing this even though it is not my most flattering pic – I earned the rest. 😊


Oh, one last thing – It is Mama’s birthday this month! Yay. Happy Birthday, Mama! She is going away, again, next week.  She is going to celebrate with family.  I am staying home for this trip. I still want to rest some more. Stay happy everyone!


A Note from Jennifer: Deep bow and be well everyone! Jorge and I are so grateful to the readers of the blog. Thank you! <3

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Troyan.

Quotes to enjoy:

What nature delivers to us is never stale. Because what nature creates has eternity in it. ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer


Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~ Rumi


Please share this. Thank you!


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