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Mewsings from Jorge, June 2022

Jun 13, 2022

Happy June – The Adventure Continues…

Interpreted by Jennifer Troyan (aka Mama)

This is post 2 of a 3-part travel series from Jorge. Much imagination was used in the process of writing this blog. Enjoy!

So where did we leave off? Oh, yes, our next trek was an epic journey to Colorado!


When we got up, Mama gave me some cat treats and a new toy. She said this was to keep me happy so I would settle in for the next part of our trip.

With that, we left Utah to go to Colorado!

Mama was especially excited for this part of the trip because we were going to see Samantha, a beloved family member. Also, G2 (that’s Grandma # 2) and Auntie Melissa got to meet her for the first time. I was excited, too, because she loves cats! Yay!!

What an interesting trip this was! Let me tell you that we went through forests, mountain passes and snow. It took what seemed like forever in my little cat’s eyes.

We drove to Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was a 6 ½ hour journey. I was a little bored, so Mama encouraged me to enjoy my new toy or to rest. Rest is good.  It puts me in a peaceful place.

I woke up part way through the trip.  My head felt a little funny, almost dizzy. It was a little harder to breath, so I was meowing. The whole landscape changed. Suddenly, there was A LOT of snow around! Mama explained that we were in a different place now.

The last time my eyes were open, this is what I saw, so you can imagine it was a little shocking.

From that to this:

Mama said that we were high up in the mountains where the air is thinner. Sometimes it makes you feel light-headed or dizzy. It can take a little more effort to breath.

It took a lot more!

Mama saw a place to rest at the very top of the mountain in a town called Monarch. She suggested that we stop to get out for a bit.

We were at an elevation of 11,312 feet. It was 25°F (-3.889°C). I did not want to go out there! Even with my fur coat!  I had never been in this weather.  It was so much snow!

Mama carried me for a bit, but I wanted to go back to the warm and cozy car. That was a first! Me wanting to get back into the car! Sometimes life surprises you.

To share another fun fact, where we stopped was at the Continental Divide.

“What is the Continental Divide,” you ask? According to uncovercolorado.com, The National Geographic says that the Continental Divide of the Americas, aka the Great Divide, is a naturally occurring boundary or ridge separating a continent’s river systems. Each river system feeds into a distinct ocean, basin, bay, or sea. The divide separates the water that flows to the Pacific Ocean from the water that flows to the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Spanning from Cape Prince of Wales in Alaska, down to the Rockies of Colorado, and into Central America and eventually ending in the Andes of South America – the Continental Divide of the Americas is the longest continental divide in the world. 

I looked around but did not see this, “Divide”. Mama said it was underneath us.

“Ok”, I thought. “Will we fall into it?” She said not to worry.

The next day, we met up with Samantha in downtown Colorado Springs to have breakfast and start our day. I was especially excited. We were going to a park called the Garden of the Gods. Mama told me I would be able to climb around there!

The downtown area has a nice vibe. The people were so friendly. They really liked me. They told me I was sweet and handsome. They had a lot of murals downtown which was so cool.

This was my favorite:

Samantha showed us the town. We had a nice meal. Then, we were off to the park.

On the way, Mama read a bumper sticker that said, “I am a leaf on the wind…Watch how I soar.”

As she read it out loud, I thought, “That is deep”. I felt like we were soaring when we were driving. We saw lots of leaves.

Look at this beauty! This was the first tree Mama photographed.  She said she was excited to share it with everyone.

The trees seem happy here. I can see why. it is a peaceful place, even with people and pets. This is special. I am so glad Mama brought me here.

I do not know what these things are.  I tried to eat them. Mama said, “Do not eat them! We do not know what they are. They may not be safe for you to eat.” So, I rubbed my face all over them instead. She was not too thrilled. At least I did not eat them!

Trees can grow from anywhere. They are not picky like me. Look at the place this one found to grow!

Mama said, “Trees are strong and determined. They always find a way. It is not a problem even if there is no apparent space!  If they can find the tiniest crack, they can make it work. Their strength and patience (plus a little time) can move or push through things. Persistence is key here.”

I liked that. We can all take a lesson from the trees.

You see those rock formations in the pictures above and below? Guess what!!! While we were in the park, there were many people who brought their pet dogs. All were welcome to climb on them.

Mama said I could too.

I saw some birds at the top. Mama said, “Please, do not go too far. Leave the birds alone.”

I got so excited, in the moment, that before long, I realized I went high up those rocks and those birds flew away. I was frozen with what Mama later told me is called, “Fear”. I never knew the name for that feeling. I was stuck up there! Mama could not reach me! I was crying and shaking.

What to do now?

Mama got some of the way up, then, said, “I need you to listen to me. Forget everything else. Look at the rocks. Where can you put your paw that is closer to me? Just one little step. It is ok. Take your time, Jorge! Look around you. Where can you go next? Check it out, please. Take a moment. Let’s breath together….  It is ok to be scared but you must keep moving. Stay focused. Remember your breath. Put your attention on getting down safety. One step at a time. Move just a bit closer to me. Yes! You made it!” I jumped into Mama’s arms.

Later, she said that was me pushing through fear. She told me that it is a big life lesson. She said, if I forget, she will remind me. She wishes I would not have to suffer like that, again, but I will likely be fearful, again, and it is ok.

After the rock climbing, Mama put a harness on me so I do not go too far away (you can see how handsome I look in the photo at the top). It has a long leash.  That way, I still feel like I have freedom. She said we will both be safer that way. She was right. I like being close to her.

OK, let us enjoy the park a little more. See those birds in the left picture? Those are the ones I wanted to visit to say, “Hi,” to them! And maybe try to catch one or something.

It was a beautiful place with my best people. I am enjoying life’s experiences. I feel grateful even for the “Big scare incident on the rocks.” Such an opportunity to learn!

After a while, we left the park.  We were headed toward the next big part of our trip. Auntie Melissa took this picture while we were driving towards our next destination. They kept talking about how the light was changing things from one second to another.

Keep your eyes open and look at all the beauty that surrounds you.

We loved the pink hues in the sky with the snowy mountains, sage, canyons, rock formations and desert terrain.

We left Colorado to drive through New Mexico to head towards Arizona, to guess where! Sedona, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon! That was a whole other adventure!

P.S.: Mama told me that the Global Tree Initiative reached a milestone of over 1 million trees planted. She said she will tell everyone, “Thank you,” from me! I am so grateful for everyone’s work and for this platform to share the interconnectedness of everything. This is a nice achievement. Mother Earth and the trees thank everyone too!

P.S.S.: I do not know exactly when my birthday is. Mama made it the day she brought me home, June 6th, eight years ago. I am 10 now! She gave me treats and toys to celebrate. We had a little party.  I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Mama says that I am a mature cat now.


A Note from Jennifer: Deep bow and be well everyone! Jorge and I are so grateful to the readers of this blog. Thank you! <3

Next month will be the third and final part of the travel blog series unless you want more travel stories   We have them! Please, comment below if you want more travel stories.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Troyan.

Quotes to enjoy:

Please share this. Thank you!


  1. Debbie

    Loved this article, gets better and better. Thanks for including us! Love traveling with you and through this article!

  2. Jennifer Troyan

    Hi Debbie! Thank you so much. We love putting them together. Jorge is having the time of his life. 🙂

    – Jenn

  3. Nancy

    This journey with Jorge kept me on the edge of my seat . From the breathing experience to the birds!
    I was glad that the lease came in handy for solace and safety !

    • Jennifer Troyan

      Hi Nancy! Yes, it was a lot and so many great lessons to learn. We appreciate you reading and going on the journey with us. Be Well, Jenn 🙂


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