Mutanda primary school plants trees with a special dedication

In November 2022, Ven. Robina Courtin and Tenzin Ösel Hita each did a public talk, as part of the Global Tree Initiative’s fundraiser program.

The talks required a lot of planning and arrangements, including putting together a team of translators and translator assistants. As a gift to the translator assistants, the Global Tree Initiative offered to have trees planted and dedicated in their name.

With the help of Jussa, our Zimbabwean coordinator, a tree was planted and dedicated to each of the translator assistants! The trees were planted by pupils of the Mutanda Primary school, as part of the #CatchThemYoung campaign of Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA).

A very big thank you to the translator assistants – Anastasia, Claire Narcisse, Francesco Morgese, Katy Peláez, Marine Cecilia, Sabrina Facco, and Ven. Namdro – for helping us with these events!

And, thank you to Jussa and MAYA for helping us to offer these gifts to the translator assistants.

If you would like to have a tree planted and dedicated to a special person or occasion, have a look at our partner in Zimbabwe,s website, MAYA’s website.




Who:Mutanda primary school and MAYA
Why:In our continued journey and strategy to “#CatchThemYoung” Manica Youth Assembly conducted a schools outreach engagement at Mutanda Primary school in Mutare Zimbabwe, where we had a fruitful engagement with the kids and their teachers. We can only change habits at a young age and from discussions that ranged from climate change and protecting our environment.
Where:Mutanda Primary School, Mutare, Zimbabwe
When:March 24, 2023
What kind of Trees:Silver Oaks, Mahogany and
Privet trees
How many:


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