New Zealand community enjoys a day of tree-planting at the Wish-Fulfilling Land!

Bengu, our New Zealand coordinator, tells us about their wonderful tree-planting day!

After careful planning and fund-raising, the trees were purchased and finally planted on May 28! The planting took place at the Wish-Fulfilling Land, a project of the Chandrakirti Meditation Centre.

Bengu shares her experience with us. “Our keen tree planters ranged from 9 months old up to many mature adults. Let’s not forget that a few paws dug in as they ran around, as well! What a great day it was. We planted many varieties of native trees which are beneficial for the land and the bird life.”

Bengu tells us that this day would not have been possible without the kindness of others. Some people supported the project by making a financial donation, while others offered their time, and participated in the actual tree planting.

Together, 480 trees were planted by the Chandrakirti staff and the local community!

The Chandrakirti Meditation Centre community dedicated all the trees to the Dalai Lama’s long life.

A very big THANK YOU to Bengu and everyone who made this day possible! The trees you planted will not only benefit our One Universal Family but will also be enjoyed by the future generations to come!

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If you are interested in doing a tree-planting project in New Zealand,
get in touch with our two New Zealand coordinators! They are anxious to hear from you.

Contact Bengu or Beth:


Who:Chandrakirti Meditation Centre & Community
Why:Chandrakirti Meditation Centre in Nelson, NZ planted 480 native trees on the Wish Fulfilling Land, together with many volunteers. We created a fundraising which made it possible to purchase 480 trees. Thanks to the kind donors, some of them came to plant and some just contributed financially. The Chandrakirti Meditation Centre Community dedicates all the trees to His Holiness Dalai Lama. May Dalai Lama live long. We are very excited to plant more in the future. Thank you GTI for all your work!
Where:Upper Moutere, New Zealand
When:May 28, 2022
What kind of Trees:Cabbage trees, kanuka and manuka, kōwhai, nikau, kawa kawa, totara, rumi, and more.
How many:480

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