One hundred and forty trees planted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Last week, the world celebrated World Environment Day (WED). Many people got together to plant trees, protest for climate action, and do litter picking, among others (read more about our community’s activities during WED).

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), 140 trees were planted and dedicated on our global tree-planting map.

These trees were planted by two different groups. Still, they share a similar story – the tree planters gathered to spend time together in Nature and work for a “more sustainable and greener world” – Ushindi Kashali says.

Forty of these trees were planted by a non-governmental organization called ASOSOasbl. They planted avocado and mango trees to provide food for their community.

Close to where Ushindi planted his trees, Jeremy Adeba, our regional coordinator, also planted 100 trees.

Jeremy shares that they planted fruit trees in an agroforestry system.

Thank you so much to both Ushindi and Jeremy – as well as their friends – for planting trees in their communities.

Are you in the DRC and want to get involved with tree planting? Get in touch with our coordinator in the DRC, Jérémy Arusi Adeba, or contact Ushindi Kashali to learn more about his project!

And, you are invited to like and follow their Facebook pages, New Hope for the Poor and Fridays for Future Goma (DRC).


Who: ASOSOasbl & Global Tree Initiative DRC
Why: For a more sustainable and greener world.
Where: Idjwi & Bambiro, Democratic Republic of the Congo
When: June 5 & 6, 2023
What kind of Trees: Fruit trees
How many:

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