One lemon tree planted in celebration of Cousin Hubert’s return!

Our dedicated branch coordinator from Aruba, Hans Timpner, tells us about the recent tree he and his cousin, Hubert Pena, planted.

Hans shares that Hubert had to stay in Colombia for more than one year, due to health complications.

Finally, his cousin could return home to Aruba. Once back home, Hubert gave a lemon tree to Hans as a gift. Together, they planted the tree in celebration of Hubert’s return and health!

Thank you for telling us about your story, Hans! We are happy to hear your cousin’s health has improved and that he could return home. Planting a tree together is a beautiful way to celebrate his recovery!

If you are in Aruba and want to get involved in tree planting, reach out to Hans.  Ask him how to get involved!

If you have planted a tree in celebration of a loved one, please, tell us about it!


Who:Hans Timper & his cousin, Hubert Pena
Why:This tree was planted to celebrate cousins Hubert’s return from a long stay in Colombia, due to health reasons.
Where:Savaneta, Aruba
When:April 23, 2022
What kind of Trees:Lemon tree
How many:1


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