One lemon tree planted to kick off 2024!

Manny and Yolaine Jooste, our tree-planting friends from South Africa, tell us about their recent planting activity.

On a warm summer morning in Kirkwood, South Africa, they were hard at work in their garden.

Kirkwood can get very hot in the summer. Temperatures can easily go into the high-forties °C (around 115+ °Fahrenheit). The record temperature recorded for Kirkwood is 50.3 °C (122.5 °F)!

Therefore, Manny and Yolaine constantly plant new trees, shrubs and other plants in their garden, to help keep the temperatures cool.


Manny working in his garden

They tell us that they love to plant, grow, and eat their own herbs. In this way, one appreciates the herbs so much more, and you can also taste the love in them! Plus, you know that there are no harmful chemicals in them.


Tub of herbs


After filling their tub with soil and herbs, they planted a lemon tree.

Manny says that for now, they will keep the lemon tree in a pot and in the future, they will transfer the tree from the pot directly into the earth.

They dedicate their hard work to everyone in the Global Tree Initiative community. “May the year 2024 bear a lot of sweet and beautiful fruit for everyone who is part of the Global Tree Initiative.

What a nice way to spend our weekend together! Cold beer, warm weather, and planting herbs and trees.”

Thank you, Manny and Yolaine, for telling us how you #PlantGrowSave in South Africa. We wish you a happy 2024 too, and we thank you for inspiring us with your work!



Who:Manny and Yolaine Jooste
Why:To kick off 2024
Where:Kirkwood, South Africa
When:January 14, 2024
What kind of Trees:Lemon
How many:

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