One Peace Tree planted in Ukraine

Inessa Slavski, our Ukrainian regional coordinator, tells us about a tree that was planted by her Ukrainian community.

After a 4-day Vipassana course, all the participants invested their efforts into digging a hole for the tree.

Then, they meditated together to create a motivation for a peaceful, bright, and blissful future for our planet and all living beings.

Tree planters in meditation


β€œWe imagined our planet, with no inner or outer pollution. A planet where there’s no place for hatred, greed, and cruelty. A planet where big, green trees grow, beautiful flowers bloom, and clean rivers flow. A planet, where humans and animals live in harmony, and all living beings find a reason to be happy and get rid of suffering.

At the end of the meditation, we chanted the OM mantra with great gratitude to our teachers, superior beings, Buddhas, each other, and all living beings in the universe.”


And, Inessa tells us that β€œWhile planting the tree, we read a prayer of peace and an excerpt Bodhicaryavatara, which is the favorite creation of his holiness Dalai Lama. It was so joyful!”

Thank you very much for telling us about this joyful occasion, Inessa! And, thank you to your community in Ukraine for the special dedication. May all your noble wishes come true!

If you want to organize a tree-planting project in Ukraine, get in touch with Inessa and ask her how.

Inessa is also involved with the Ukrainian refugees in Germany, and if you are interested in organizing a tree-planting project with or for the Ukrainian refugees, you are also invited to contact Inessa and ask her how!



Who:Oksana Zaharchenko and participants of the Vipassana
Why:For peace
Where:Slavs’ke, Ukraine
When:August 12, 2022
What kind of Trees:Pinus nigra austriaca
How many:

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