One tree planted and dedicated to a new puppy!

Manny and Yolaine Jooste, our tree-planting friends from Kirkwood, South Africa, tells us about their recent tree-planting activity.

They have already planted many trees over the last years, but this time they made a special dedication. In January 2023, they bought a new puppy. A German Sheperd named Shiva!

Yolaine with puppy Shiva

They planted a tree in their garden, and dedicated the tree to puppy Shiva. Now, they can watch both the tree and puppy Shiva grow up together!

Congratulations on your new family member, Manny and Yolaine. We hope the new puppy brings you a lot of love and joy! Please send us photos of how both the tree and puppy Shiva grow big and strong!

Have you planted and dedicated a tree to someone special? Please tell us about it!

Or, would you like to have a tree planted and dedicated to someone, but cannot plant the tree yourself? No worries! Our tree-planting partners are happy to help plant and dedicate your tree!



Who:Manny and Yolaine Jooste
Why:We planted this tree to celebrate our new puppy, Shiva!
Where:Kirkwood, South Africa
When:January 2023
What kind of Trees:Goldcrest Wilma
How many:


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