One tree planted in Tbilisi, Georgia

Last month, Georgia became country number 67 to join our global community. Welcome, Georgia!

The story of the tree planted and dedicated in Georgia reached us through Inna Starren.

Inna tells us that “We are a mixed family living in the beautiful country of Georgia. Nature is the main attraction in our country. Georgia is a mountain country, but we also have a sea, a desert, forests, rivers, lakes… and they all are stunning!”


A map of Georgia, showing its variety of geographical features*


Further, Inna tells us that they established the first eco-friendly guest house in Georgia, where they built and implemented systems for collecting rainwater, and installed solar panels.

“We reuse and recycle a lot. There is a small garden in our house and here, we plant many flowers, bushes, plants and trees. Our young son wanted to plant his own tree after seeing us working in the garden. So today, we let him plant a new tree for this wonderful project.”


What a nice story, Inna! We are so happy to see and hear how you are leading by example, and showing your son how to care for nature.

Thank you for helping to educate our youth and for helping to create a greener future for them. We appreciate your work!

*Image source: Wikipedia



Who:Inna Starren
Why:To be eco-friendly and to preserve nature.
Where:Tbilisi, Georgia
When:October 1, 2023
What kind of Trees:Quince
How many:

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