Our Global Tree-Planting Family grows to 50 different countries! Welcome, Poland, to our One Universal Family!

Adeline Deysel tells us about the first tree in her new apartment.

Recently Adeline moved to Poland from South Africa to teach English. This meant leaving behind her beautiful garden containing nearly 30 trees!

Since arriving in Poland, Adeline has collected a few plants and herbs for her balcony garden. Recently, she purchased a Dypsis lutescens for her apartment interior.

The Dypsis lutescens, commonly known as Areca palm, is an undemanding, easy to grow indoor tree, even though they can each up to 12 meters tall when planted outside!

It is an attractive species that prides itself in improving home or office décor. It makes a great focal point.

Adeline happily tells us that it helps her with her occasional online classes. Using the tree as background decoration, she feels that seeing a beautiful tree gives her students a calm, relaxing experience.

On top of that, adding her new acquisition to the Global Tree Initiative counts helps her as an apartment dweller to feel connected to our One Universal Family.

Adeline invites everyone to report their seeds and share their stories! She feels that not having an outdoor garden is no obstacle to planting a tree and enjoying nature.

Thank you for inspiring us, Adeline!

Do you have an indoor tree too?
You can join our global tree-planting family from the comfort of your own home.
Tell us about it! https://plantgrowsave.org/report/

Are you in Poland and want to learn English?
Send Adeline an email: deyseladeline@gmail.com


Who:Adeline Deysel
Why:I recently moved to Poland and had to leave all my beautiful trees behind in my garden in South Africa. Now, I am starting a garden on my balcony and in my apartment. The Dypsis lutescens does not only benefit the environment, but also create a calming, peaceful atmosphere in my home in Krakow. I teach English online. When I meet with students, I place the tree in the background, behind me. I am confident that by just seeing the beautiful greenery, they already feel more calm and confident.
Where:Krakow, Poland
When:October 27, 2021
What kind of Trees:Dypsis lutescens
How many:1


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