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We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our donors.

I am also an ardent supporter of environmental protection. We humans are the only species with the power to destroy the earth as we know it. Yet, if we have the capacity to destroy the earth, so, too, do we have the capacity to protect it.”

— The Dalai Lama to Greta Thunberg

Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming whether you like it or not.”

— Greta Thunberg

Our mother earth is teaching us a lesson in universal responsibility. This blue planet is a delightful habitat. Its life is our life; its future, our future. Indeed, the earth acts like a mother to us all; as her children, we are dependent on her. In the face of the global problems we are going through it is important that we must all work together.”

— The Dalai Lama

I have a dream that the people in power, as well as the media, start treating this crisis like the existential emergency it is.”

— Greta Thunberg

I came to appreciate the importance of environmental concern only after escaping from Tibet in 1959, where we always considered the environment to be pure. Whenever we saw a stream of water, for instance, there was no worry about whether it was safe to drink. Sadly, the mere availability of clean drinking water is a major problem throughout the world today.”

— The Dalai Lama

You must take action. You must do the impossible. Because giving up is never an option.”

— Greta Thunberg

Trees purify the air for living beings to breathe. They serve as a place for insects and birds to live. The time has come for us to take a non-violent stance, not only toward each other, but toward the natural world, which means planting, not cutting, trees.”

— The Dalai Lama

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our donors.  They believed in our mission even before there was something to see.  Without even so much as an invitation, they each stepped forward and said they were going to help.

We could not have gotten this far without them. We are committed to proving ourselves worthy of their trust and commitment.  We pledge to be dependable and transparent.

We hope to see your picture with them, soon.

Thank you!

Javier Torres Espino

Puerto Rico

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