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We got ourselves into this climate crisis mess.  We can get ourselves out of it.  It is not too late, but we must start, NOW.


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It is not just what you do that matters. What you think is important, too.


Everything starts with a thought. Anything that your mind can conceive you can achieve. Make a change in your inner world while making a change in your outer world.

Start with your motivation.  Make it honest.  Begin by seeing an improved world for your family and friends with each tree you plant.  Slowly, as your heart opens, expand your motivation to include more and more beings, even those you do not know well or have any feeling for.  Everyone has family and friends.  Everyone wants them to be happy and healthy but not all of them are planting a tree. Even the birds and the worms will be happy.  Make your mind strong with this positive motivation that you can make a difference.

Keep your awareness strong throughout the planting process.  Normally, we are mindless when we do an activity.  Our thoughts wonder in many different directions diluting the strength of what we are doing.  This time, with this tree, stay present. Be right where you are.  Keep vivid your motivation for what you are doing.  See in your mind’s eye a healed planet with all its inhabitants happy and healthy in body and mind.

Dedicate.  This is an uncommon but useful habit to create in your mind.  You have finished your tree planting activity.  Now, seal in your wholesome action of planting and the wonderful way you were thinking during the process and dedicate it all  to the fulfillment of your dreams, to your motivation, that all living beings may live in peace and harmony in a beautiful world of bounty. Now, you have come full circle starting with your motivation and ending with your dedication.

Fill with delight.  This is simple.  As you practice these new, positive ways of thinking, even in everyday, daily life, you will feel a shift in your mind.  You will feel a shift away from the negative.  You will start to gain access to the positive potential of your mind. As this happens, joy and delight will whelm up in you. Let it fill you.  You are a lucky, special person.  Feel a deep-down, divine sense of pride. Hold that feeling.  Now, report your tree planting so we can all share in the joy.

Plant your Tree. Grow our Forest. Save their Future.

The Dalai Lama joining Chief Justice of Bihar Sanjay Karol and companion judges of the Patna High Court in planting a sapling to commemorate the Dalai Lama’s visit to the Bihar Judicial Academy in Patna, Bihar, India on January 18, 2020.