Plant your own tree

You can do it. Plant your own tree!

Learn how to plant trees the right way.

Whether this is your first tree planting, or you have planted a forest, we are always learning.

Knowing how to plant a tree the right way — especially now, considering such unprecedented climate conditions — will ensure your efforts will not be in vain.

So, do your homework. Find the right tree for your situation. You can start even from seeds.

Have a look at our education page, for more information on planting trees.

And, don’t forget to download our beginner’s guide to tree-planting (if you visit our Education page, you’ll find the guide translated into Portuguese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish)!

Questions? Get answers!

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Or, ask our consultant, Mark, through his ‘Ask me (almost) anything’ blog articles.

Mark Allaway from Australia