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Food for thought, November 2021

Nov 1, 2021

November 1 is World Vegan Day.

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that is believed to have been in the world for more than 2000 years.

To honor this day, we are introducing you to a new Global Tree Initiative (GTI) feature: our GTI BLOG: Whispers from the Woods!

WHY are we starting a blog?

Because YOU asked for it. We will use our weekly blog to address questions and concerns that we hear from our tree planters, volunteers, and the community at large.

Our first blog article is written by Francisca (Kika) Gusmão, our regional coordinator from Portugal. Kika launched her project – Kind Dish – earlier this year. We will publish an article from Kika the first week of each month under our blog name FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

We are presenting this blog on plant-based eating as an educational tool. Research shows that meat and dairy products are fueling the climate crisis, while plant-based diets — focused on fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans – help protect the planet.

According to a report by GRAIN and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, the world’s five biggest meat and dairy producers emit more combined greenhouse gases than the top three oil production companies: ExxonMobil, Shell, or BP.

So, once a month, we will share the benefits of a plant-based diet for human health and the health of the planet. Plus, Kika will include healthy, climate-friendly recipes!

Whether or not you want to consume animal products is your choice. A little education can go a long way in helping you reach your decision. A couple of our omnivorous volunteers have shared that they “eat for the environment” once a week. We want to hear from YOU!

Kika shares with us that she was introduced to plant-based eating when she was 15.

Kika from Portugal

“Eight wonderful years separate now and then, and I have made my way towards a plant-based diet. It is not an understatement to say this choice is at the very center of what and who I am, and importantly, of what and who I want to be. People ask all the time, ‘why did you make such a choice?’. Although my list of answers has only broadened since then, my main motivation has always been the well-being of other living-sentient beings.

The name Kind Dish was the one I considered to best bring forward the reason I adopted a plant-based diet, and that is to be kind. To be kind in everything I do, always, to anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, social status, country of origin, and species. True kindness meets no boundaries. One cannot choose to be truly loving and kind to one but not to others, for we are all deeply connected.

Kind Dish is a project which aims to support you and to connect with you: either with recipes that I choose or with those you ask me for; or with practical tips or reflections on my path thus far. I have walked through some of the hardships this road presents, and I believe that I can help you overcome them if you so desire. Because it will always depend on you.”

Beginner-friendly hummus

As an appetizer for what lies ahead, I would like to offer you a simple recipe, which is itself a starter on most menus.

Have you ever tried or heard of hummus before? It is wholesome, nourishing, tasty, versatile, and very, very easy to make.

Find the measurements below or follow the link.


• 250g cooked chickpeas
• 40g water (if you home cook the chickpeas, use some of that water!)
• 25g tahini
• 1 clove garlic
• 1tsp soy sauce
• 1.5 tsp vintager + 1.5 tsp lemon juice
• Salt & pepper

That’s it!!

Put everything into a blender and blend until smooth. If you don’t have a blender, that’s OK, you can smash the chickpeas with a fork and mix everything by hand.

This is how you make yourself an incredible and healthy spread for your bread, wraps, naans, salads, or pasta… you name it!

Kika’s hummus

Is hummus your thing? Have you tried it? Do you do it differently? I want to hear from YOU, YOUR suggestions, YOUR questions, YOUR ideas. This was made for YOU. Thank you for being here! Thank you for considering others’ well-being! Thank you!! Let’s walk together from here. Kika



Download your printable recipe card here:
Food for thought: Hummus

Please share this. Thank you!


  1. Nana Martynova

    I have to make it once again to see how it goes. Thank You!

    • Kika

      Definitely give it a try and let us know =) Thank you!


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